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Carers UK New Campaign to Increase Carers Support Needs Our Help

08.03.2010 | Posted in: Uncategorized | Author: Samantha Hall

In 2010 social care is in crisis and in need of urgent reform. The main carers’ benefit is worth just £1.52 an hour, well short of the minimum wage of £5.73. (and even less than that if you’re retired, disabled or on a low income).

Carers are paying a heavy price – no money, no breaks, many forced to give up work and a constant battle for support. Some are pushed to the point of collapse.

The government has invested in carers’ breaks and other support for carers. But this falls far short of the action needed now if it is to make good on its promise that by 2018 carers will have a life of their own and not be forced into financial hardship.

Tell the next government it’s time to support carers by signing the letter to the next Prime Minister here.