We need your help…….

  • On June 25, 2007
Over the coming months we will be updating our website in various ways. We’re keen to include feedback from customers to ensure we make the site as simple as possible for you to shop from and find information from. So if you’ve any comments on how we can improve our site we’d love to hear […]
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Diverticular Disease – What is it?

  • On June 22, 2007
Divertular disease is a suprisingly common condition, yet one few people know much about. Having had several people enquire about products for this condition we thought it might be worth giving some more background information. Diverticular disease is a condition that affects the large bowel, or colon and is, believed to be the result of […]
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Stress Urinary Incontinence – A problem for 33% of “Baby Boom” Women

  • On June 21, 2007
A new report just published has confirmed again that incontinence is one of the most common problems experienced by women and yet most of the women experiencing it haven’t discussed it with their Doctor. The new report, commissioned by the National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC) in America, is a first-of-its kind study on the […]
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NEW Product – Waterproof Incontinence Pants

  • On June 20, 2007
We receive lots of enquiries about Waterproof, Plastic Incontinence Pants. Therefore, having reviewed a number of different alternatives, we have recently added the Readi range of waterproof pants to our catalogue and website. These pants can provide extra re-assurance and security against leakage when worn over disposable incontinence pads and pants. This can be important […]
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Protect your investment!

  • On June 19, 2007
We receive a large number of orders for absorbent bed pads, both washable and disposable but these alone are not sufficient to protect your mattress against incontinence despite their high absorbency levels. At night, it is quite common for someone in deep sleep to empty their bladder completely. This means that although the bed pad […]
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Helping those you care for deal with incontinence

  • On June 15, 2007
As this week has been Carer’s Week we thought we should focus on them for today’s article. As you may already know, incontinence is one of the main problems carers have to deal with and one of the most frequent reasons for people moving from their own home into care. The issue of dealing with […]
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Celebrity Stress Incontinence

  • On June 14, 2007
This week’s revelation that TV celebrity Kerry Katona experienced “leaks” during her recent pregnancy highlighted a condition that affects a large number of pregnant women – Stress Incontinence. Although not widely talked about, stress incontinence is very common during pregnancy, especially during the latter stages, as the weight of the growing uterus puts increased pressure […]
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Carers Week (11-17th June)

  • On June 13, 2007
There are almost six million carers in the UK, that equals nearly one in ten adults. Half of these juggle work with caring responsibilities for a disabled, ill or frail relative or friend. To highlight the work done by carers, Carers Week was created by the Carers National Association. Now in its thirteenth year it […]
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Welcome to our News section!

  • On June 12, 2007
We’re really excited to launch this new section of our website. The news (or blog as it’s sometimes called) area is where we can share the latest news and information on Allanda and the many products we sell with you, our customers. However, more importantly it is also an area where you can give us […]
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