Odour Control Systems in Incontinence Products: The Life-Changing Addition

Odour Control Systems in Incontinence Products: The Life-Changing Addition

  • On April 9, 2018
  • incontinence and hygiene, odour control, odour prtoection, personal hygiene

Incontinence is often portrayed in the media as something shameful. This increases people’s fear of talking about the problems associated with it.

Incontinence can often make sufferers feel as though they will be mocked or dehumanized if they seek help. This has the effect of prolonging their suffering and preventing them from even admitting they have incontinence. Poor mental health caused by the anxieties surrounding incontinence is associated with a reduced help-seeking. This consequently prevents individuals from even looking for products. Incontinence can be particularly difficult when you have a leakage in a public place. The constant worry about the possibility of unwanted odour means that some avoid going out in public and doing the things they love. A study conducted by Griffith University found that odour, loneliness and social isolation are the key consequences for the majority of incontinent individuals.

Did you know that the majority of incontinence products now have odour control systems to help you maintain your dignity?

Incontinence products perform a needed function in today’s busy society. Products designs have become much more advanced and various in term of options over the years. There are now options of pull up underwear, all in ones and waterproof pants. As leakage issues have been reduced due to new and improved designs, odour control has become more important for incontinent individuals. Manufacturers can now place a durable treatment of an odour sorbent and binder onto a layer in a protective product. A substrate is dipped into a formulation containing odour sorbent, binder and water. Following this, the substrate is dried and placed into a personal care product. This odour protection layer is often a tissue, paper towel or air laid.


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You should also focus on maintaining good personal hygiene to help you avoid bad odours and stay clean and fresh. Bodycare and hygiene routines are vital in controlling any wetness, odour and skin problems.

Many experts suggest that the key elements of an effective protocol include gentle cleansing with the use of barrier creams and moisturisers. It is recommended that you use cleansers that are PH balanced and contain surfactants to lift irritants from the skin surface without scrubbing. Creams or ointments containing zinc oxide, lanolin or petrolatum help to form a protective barrier on the skin. Using a barrier cream or film can help you create a waterproof barrier between the skin and other substances. Clinical research specialist, James B. Lutz explains the importance of using appropriate hygiene products. He states, “incontinence predisposes individuals to rashes, pressure sores, indwelling catheters, urinary tract infections and urosepsis. Maintaining skin and hygiene integrity is one of the key factors to reducing patient harm”.

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Incontinence can be stressful to manage, and odour control is an element that can be controlled when you know where to look for help. Be proactive and remember to focus on maintaining an effective hygiene routine. 25% of women and 15% of men experience incontinence at some point in their lives, so remember that you are not the only one with these worries.