Choosing the Best Incontinence Pads for Men

Choosing the Best Incontinence Pads for Men

  • On May 29, 2019

Shockingly, there are 4 million men with some form of bladder problem in the UK. Due to many men never speaking about the problem, this number could be even higher.

Many men are worried about being perceived as less capable or less masculine due to incontinence. With help of adverts such as TENA’s “TENA Men” advert, there is hope for male incontinence being more widely understood. The market for male pads is expanding and offers a diverse selection. Read about the best men’s shaped pads and how to choose the best incontinence pads for men.


Why Choose a Shaped Incontinence Pad?

Incontinence pads remain the most popular incontinence products in the market, as they are discreet and easy to buy. The removal process is also easier, compared to pull up pants which require a full product removal. Many people also prefer wearing a pad inside normal underwear, rather than a pull up product. The concept of wearing pull up pants instead of normal underwear can also seem strange to many people. Shaped pads also rarely make you feel uncomfortable or too warm, which can sometimes be the case with bulkier products.

For light incontinence, you can shop smaller shaped pads with lower absorbency. Our light pads for men range is ideal for men with lighter leaks. Moderate to heavier incontinence often requires a larger shaped pad. If you have severe incontinence, it is recommended that you try an all in one pad.

What to Look for in a Pad


  • Breathability and skin friendly. Particularly if you have sensitive skin, choose a pad that is breathable. If you are sensitive to latex, choose a pad that is latex free.
  • Look for the smallest pad that will suit your severity level. Avoid unnecessary bulk if you have light incontinence. The best incontinence pads for men with light incontinence are small and discreet.
  • Choose a reliable brand. Finding a brand you recognise and already have trust in is advisable. Most online incontinence stores do stock the most popular brands of products.
  • Look for odour control technology. Most products will have this feature, which neutralises odours and masks any unwanted smells.

The Best Incontinence Pads for Men: Why are they Popular?

TENA Men Absorbent Protectors


What is Special About Them?

TENA Men Absorbent Protectors have a maximum thickness of only 11mm, making discretion a priority. The highest absorbency level (TENA Men Level 3) is also ideal for overnight use. TENA Men Absorbent Protectors also contain special confio air, which will allow full breathability of the pads.


iD for Men


What is Special About Them?

iD for Men are perfect for those with more sensitive skin, as they offer a cotton feel back sheet. This provides more comfort, ensuring maximum breathability. iD for Men are also sold at an economical, affordable price.

Attends for Men


What is Special About Them?

Attends for Men Level 1 and 2 feature an air laid core, enabling the pads to be super thin whilst ensuring maximum leakage.

Abena Abri-Man Premium


What is Special About Them?

A micro punctured top sheet, channel systems and Top Dry provide a fast dispersion of the liquid and a dry surface. The product is also fitted with a unique barrier system, with built-in pockets for additional protection.


Do you find yourself leaking onto furniture?

Shop our bed pads and chair pads range.



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