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TENA Wash Cream – New Handy 250ml Size

04.11.2013 | Posted in: Incontinence, News, Skincare, Tena, TENA Wash Cream | Author: Colin

With more and more customers discovering the benefits of TENA Wash Cream, we’ve now introduced a new handy 250ml tube to the TENA Wash Cream Range. This smaller tube is more convenient for carrying out and about, or if space is limited at home. This smaller sizes sits alongside the existing 500ml TENA Wash Cream Pump dispenser and value sized giant 1000ml Pump Dispenser.

TENA Wash Cream is 3-in-1 wash cream specially designed to cleanse, restore and protect even the most delicate and fragile skin and can replaces soap and water along with other conventional skin conditioning products. TENA Wash Cream is designed to be applied and removed with a TENA Soft Wipe or TENA Wash Glove and removes the need for time consuming rinsing or drying.

The full TENA Skincare range is Wash Cream 250ml, Wash Cream 500ml, Wash Cream 1000ml, Wash Mousse, Wet Wipes, Small Soft Wipes, Large Soft Wipes, Wash Glove, Cellduk Wipes and Shampoo & Shower

More product videos – TENA Wash Cream

23.10.2012 | Posted in: Incontinence Products, Incontinence Video, Skincare, Tena, TENA Skincare, TENA Wash Cream | Author: Colin

We’re slowly adding video content throughout the site to give you more information about our products. The latest we’ve added is for TENA Wash Cream.

TENA Wash Cream combines three skincare products into one:

– A mild, surfactant free cleanser

– A gentle, creamy moisturiser

– A non-smearing, protective film barrier

The special ingredients gently remove odour, urine and faecal residues with minimal effort and scrubbing. After cleansing the the special formulation helps restore the natural lipid and moisture balance of the skin and the protective skin film barrier minimises skin contact with urine and faeces to provide ongoing protection for fragile elderly skin.

The video gives more information on skincare and can be seen below or on the Tena Wash Cream product page.

The Full TENA Skincare range is Wash Cream, Wash Mousse, Wet Wipes, Soft Wipes, Wash Glove, Cellduk Wipes and Skin Lotion