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Tena Flex range available in Plus, Super and Maxi absorbencies

22.12.2011 | Posted in: Incontinence, Incontinence Products, Tena, Tena Flex | Author: Colin

With Belted All in One Incontinence Pads (otherwise known as “Flex” products) becoming increasingly widely used to manage heavier incontinence conditions we’ve broadened our range to include the full Tena Flex range.

Tena Belted All in One Incontinence Pad

Tena Flex fitting

These products are particularly easy to put on, due to the integrated Velcro belt system, to which the pad hooks on at the front, making it particularly easy to fix the pad closely to the body. At the same time, the Velcro means that the pad can be dropped away for regular toilet use without removing the product from the body entirely. These benefits make Flex pads easier to use than traditional All in One (Slip type) pads, especially for those who are mobile. The other key benefit is that Flex Incontinence Pads can be put on in the seated or standing position as well.
You can download a full fitting guide at Tena Flex Fitting Guide

The full range of Tena Flex is:

Maxi – Available in Small,Medium, Large or Extra Large.

Super- Available in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.

Plus – Available in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.