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Save up to 33% on TENA Comfort. Pads from only 21p

18.06.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Incontinence Pads, News, Tena, TENA Comfort | Author: Colin
TENA Comfort Extra Incontinence Pads

TENA Comfort Incontinence Pads

We’ve now added bulk discounts for the TENA Comfort range of shaped incontinence pads. With prices from only £0.21 per pad and savings of up to 33% over recommended prices.  Bulk discounts can be found for TENA Comfort Normal, Plus, Extra and Maxi absorbencies.

You save up to 33% when you order 12 packs of TENA Comfort Extra, and up to 28% when you order 12 packs of TENA Comfort Plus.

There are discounts of 12-22% for orders of 6 packs across the range.

These incontinence pads are designed to be worn with TENA Fix Mesh Fixation Pants to ensure a close fit to the body. TENA Comfort Incontinence Pads are body shaped to give a close fit to ensure comfort and leakage security.

A fitting guide can also be downloaded – Tena Comfort Fitting Guide.

For those who need assistance with changing, such as those who are bedridden, you may find Belted All in One pads such as TENA Flex the better option as it is easier to change if the wearer is lying down.