Harry Potter star talks about using incontinence products on set

  • On April 23, 2012
Harry Potter star, Helena Bonham Carter, has suprisingly revealed that she wore incontinence pads on set because her pelvic floor was too weak to control her leaky bladder following recent child birth in an interview with the Sunday Times “Style” Magazine. (Sunday Times 22 April 2012). This highlights the importance of pelvic floor exercises throughout […]
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Pelvic floor exercises effective for treating women with urinary incontinence

  • On April 16, 2012
Pelvic floor exercises are effective for treating adult women with urinary incontinence (the involuntary loss of urine) without risk of side effects, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The report also found that in contrast drug-based treatments can be […]
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Drugs help some women with incontinence, however not all see benefits

  • On April 12, 2012
Some women with incontinence problems can improve their condition using approved medications, but a new research review finds that inadequate relief and side effects may prevent many others from benefiting. The study, published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine, re-examined 94 clinical trials testing drugs for women’s urge incontinence – when urine leaks after […]
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Daily Mirror talks about Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Exercises

  • On April 9, 2012
As Incontinence rarely receives mentions in the press, it was good to see Miriam Stoppard recently covering Incontinence in the Daily Mirror, especially talking about the benefits of Pelvic Floor Exercises. The full article is repeated below: “Urinary incontinence is an occupational hazard for women. The aftermath of pregnancy can be quite a physical burden […]
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Pelvic Floor Exercise Video from Allanda, Incontinence Experts

  • On March 14, 2012
We’ve some exciting news! We’ve recently put the finishing touches to a series of Video’s about Incontinence, covering types, causes, treatments and Incontinence products. These have been produced in conjunction with Ann Winder, leading Continence Nurse and Advisor and owner of Arc Healthcare. For a long time we have spoken about the benefits of Pelvic […]
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Australian Woman aims to improve Pelvic Floor Health

  • On March 5, 2012
An Australian woman is hoping to combat predictions that one in four of her fellow New Zealanders will suffer from some form of incontinence by 2030. Renowned physiotherapist and exercise instructor Michelle Kenway says statistics show that in just 18 years’ time, as the population ages, 25 percent of New Zealanders over the age of […]
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Mums ‘need not put up with incontinence’

  • On December 7, 2011
Women who have given birth should not view urinary incontinence as an avoidable part of motherhood, it has been claimed. Noreen Dockery, a chartered physiotherapist who specialises in rehabilitating the pelvic floor, told the Irish Independent that female incontinence is a “very common” problem. She revealed that a greater number of women are choosing to […]
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Women with overactive bladder may benefit from pilates

  • On December 2, 2011
Women with overactive bladder syndrome may benefit from doing pilates exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, it has been claimed. Dr Bruce Crawford, who helps people with urinary incontinence in the US, told KoloTV.com that just one month of pilates for the pelvic floor, or ‘pfilates’, can help people to hold […]
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ACA releases pelvic floor guide for teenagers

  • On October 16, 2011
The Association for Continence Advice (ACA) has published a new leaflet which aims to educate teenagers about their pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles run from the pubic bone at the front to the base of the spine at the back, forming a sling that holds the bladder and urethra in place. Maintaining strong pelvic […]
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