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100% Cotton Top Sheet Nursing Pads – New from Allanda

06.05.2016 | Posted in: Cottons, Nursing Pads, Pregnancy | Author: Colin

Our recent launch of Cottons Maternity Pads has resulted in questions whether we also stock Nursing Pads. As Cottons also make Nursing Pads these have been added to our range and our now available.

Nursing pads, also known as Breast pads help to absorb breast milk or colostrum that may leak between and during feedings post childbirth. They are worn inside your bra to keep both the bra dry and milk away from your clothing. Most mothers don’t have problems with leaking after the early weeks, so you probably won’t need breast pads for long, but they’re very useful at first.

You can buy either disposable pads or cloth ones that you wash and use again.  It’s important to look for pads that allow air to circulate to your nipples. While it might seem that plastic-lined pads would protect your clothes better, they retain moisture, contributing to sore nipples and bacterial growth.

It’s also important to change nursing pads promptly after they get wet. If the pad dries and sticks to your nipple, moisten it first with warm water so that you don’t remove any skin as you pull it away from the breast.

Our Cottons Nursing Pads are disposable and have a unique 100% cotton top sheet so they’re both extremely comfortable and perfect for sensitive skin after childbirth. These Nursing Pads have been extensively tested by new mums, to ensure the best design and materials were used. They are hypo-allergenic so are perfect for sensitive skin and helping to minimise some of the soreness that can be associated with breast feeding. The superior grade 100% natural cotton used ensures they are exceptionally comfortable and low irritant.

You can find out more about Cottons nursing pads on our website – click here.