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Save more with our new Lille CASE SAVERS

23.11.2016 | Posted in: Lil, Lille, Products | Author: Colin

Buy more and pay less with Allanda when you buy our range of incontinence products in bulk with our CASE SAVER offers.

Due to popular demand we’ve added yet more Lille CASE SAVERS to our range.

We now offer Lille Form Supreme Super Plus CASE SAVER, Lille Form Supreme Extra Plus CASE SAVER and Lille Form Classic Regular CASE SAVER. Click here to view the full range of Lille CASE SAVERS.

New Sizes for Lille Classic Insert Pads – Important Information for Pouch Pants Users

30.04.2014 | Posted in: Insert Pads, Lil, Lille, News, Pouch Pants | Author: Colin

Lille have changed the sizes of their Insert Pads, this is an improvement for anyone using them as an Insert Pad within other Incontinence Pads however the extra width for the Lille Classic Pad Extra (DLU02) means that they will no longer fit into Pouch Pants.

We therefore recommend that anyone using Pouch Pants order the new, longer Lille Classic Pad Mini (DLU01) now, NOT the Lille Classic Pad Extra (DLU02).

The new dimensions for Lille Classic Pads are:

Product Allanda Code Lille Code Old Size New Size
Mini DLU01 LCLN1111 11 X 33.5CM 11 X 36CM
Extra DLU02 LCLN1121 11 X 42 CM 15 X 47CM

Tena Pants Fitting Guide

11.01.2012 | Posted in: Advice, Allanda, Incontinence Pants, Lil, Tena, Tena Pants | Author: Colin
Incontinence Pants fitting guide

Tena Pants

After the earlier article regarding which Incontinence Pants to use, we have had a number of enquiries regarding the fitting of these products.

Unlike All in One Incontinence pads they are simple to fit and pull up just like normal underwear.

For those who would like a fitting guide and further tips on product use a fitting guide for Tena Pants can be found here.

Incontinence Pants Range

06.01.2012 | Posted in: Advice, Allanda, faecal Incontinence, Incontinence, Incontinence Pants, Lil, Tena | Author: Colin

After yesterday’s post, someone enquired as to what Incontinence Pants we offered.  For the terms of this article we are talking about disposable incontinence pants or “pull up underwear” as they are often referred to, rather than washable incontinence pants.

Lille Pants

Lil Pants

We offer the full ranges of both Tena and Lille incontinence pants.

Tena Pants come in a wide variety of absorptions, from Tena Pants Discreet for light stress incontinence, through Tena Pants Normal and Tena Pants Plus to Tena Pants Super for heavier conditions, especially urge incontinence. Tena Pants Super is also good for helping to contain faecal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) though as with all incontinence products they won’t absorb faecal matter and will need to be changed once any incident occurs. Lil Incontinence Pants come in Extra, Super and Maxi absorbencies. Again the Maxi absorbency is also suitable for managing faecal conditions.

One advantage of the Lille Incontinence Pants is that all three absorptions are available in an Extra Large Size. However the downside is that only the Maxi absorbancy is available in a Small size in the Lil range.

On the other hand both the Tena Pants Plus and Super ranges offer a small size. The Tena Pants Plus range offers not just Small, Medium and Large sizes but also an Extra Large and an Extra Small size. The Extra Small size is ideal for teenagers and small children who benefit from using pull-up’s rather than more traditional all in one style products.

All our incontinence pant products are unisex and are designed to be worn by both Men and Women.

How to choose the right incontinence pants

05.01.2012 | Posted in: Incontinence, Incontinence Pants, Lil, Tena | Author: Colin

One question we often receive from customers suprised by our large range of incontinence products is “How do I find the right product?”

Choosing Incontinence Pants

Incontinence Pants

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find the right product first time and often there is a level of trial and error, (which is why we offer our range of sample packs which enable customers to try a wide variety of products), and the general rule is to start with the least absorbent product, and increase absorbency used if you experience leaks.

However for Incontinence pants we have a slightly different recommendation. As the lightest Incontinence Pants (TENA Pants Discreet) are designed for lighter conditions, then they may not be suitable for many customers. Therefore with Incontinence Pants we recommend starting in the middle of the range (e.g. TENA Pants Plus or Lille Pants Extra). If the wearer finds they are still experiencing leaks then they should try the next absorbency level, Super or even Maxi.

As these items can be quite bulky, then if the starting product is more than adequate then the wearer may well want to try the lighter products such as TENA Pants Discreet, as these offer large benefits in terms of discretion, albeit at the expense of absorption, but this trade off is felt to be worth it for many wearers.

Order Lil and Tena Direct from Allanda

24.09.2011 | Posted in: Incontinence Products, Lil, Tena | Author: Colin

Issue Codes Tena Incontinence Products

Over the last twelve months we’ve expanded our range of disposable products significantly so that we now offer virtually the full range of Lil and Tena incontinence products, both of which we can deliver direct to your door. There are multiple benefits of using Allanda to order lil or tena direct to your front door:

– No need to walk or drive to the shops, saving time and more importantly petrol costs.
– Order in bulk without having to carry large packages home.
– Larger range than high street retailers to choose from.
– No worries about discretion with all parcels delivered in plain, unmarked packaging.

From both Tena and Lil we offer All in One incontinence pads, Belted All in Ones and the especially popular Tena Pants and Lil Supreme Pants.

Physiotherapists can do ‘wonders’ with pelvic floor

23.08.2011 | Posted in: Female Incontinence, Lil, News, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Pelvic Floor Muscles, Products | Author: Colin
Incontinence Products for Women

Issue Codes Incontinence Products for Women

Women with urinary incontinence need not necessarily resort to surgery or medication, as physiotherapists can now do “wonders” when it comes to pelvic floor problems, an expert has said.

Dr Julia Garcia, a urologist at Franciscan St Anthony Health in Michigan City, US, told that traditional techniques only provided a short-term solution to bladder problems.

“Now we understand that the pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles, and those can become strained or inflamed or tight like guitar strings,” the urologist explained.

“If those floor muscles are constantly flexed, there can be pelvic pain, pain during sex, overactive bladder symptoms and lower back pain, which stems from compensating with other muscles.”

Dr Garcia revealed that urologists now send patients to a physiotherapist so that they learn how to control their pelvic floor muscles better.

Meanwhile, Tracy Campbell, a specialist in women’s health and chronic pelvic dysfunction at Dynamic Rehabilitation Services in Valparaiso, told the news provider that physiotherapy can help save money on incontinence pads, such as Lil Form Classic pads, which are shaped to ensure comfort and leakage security.

She added: “Physical therapy can also possibly prevent the need for surgery.”