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More new Brolly Sheets products – Brolly Sheets Quilted Mattress Protector

08.03.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Protection, incontinence products, News | Author: Colin

The new Brolly Sheets range offers a unique waterproof single mattress protector with a quilted top for extra comfort as well as protection against stains and dampness caused by incontinence.  This unique mattress protector fits the standard size single mattress (3′ x 6’3″/91 x 190cm). and the stretch skirt gives a superior fit to fully cover the top and sides of the mattress, The quilted polycotton top makes these both noiseless and extra comfortable as well as giving a low level of absorbency as a back up to an absorbent bed pad. They are machine washable (low temperatures) and can be line or tumble dried if required (always read washing instructions).

A Quilted Pillow Cover, is also available.  These should always be used in conjunction with a Disposable or Washable Bed Pads.

Incostress benefits now recognised across the Atlantic

07.03.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Female Incontinence, Incontinence, Incontinence Products, incontinence products, Incontinence Products for Women, Incostress, Stress Incontinence | Author: Colin

Incostress solution to Urinary Incontinence

The benefits of IncoStress are now recognised “across the pond” with this device now being actively sold in Canada as well as the UK. The device, worn like a tampon, that can help many women who suffer in silence with the Urinary Stress Incontinence – the involuntary loss of urine when, for example, coughing, sneezing, laughing or even when just running.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Urinary Stress Incontinence as a global issue that can affect as many as 1 in 5 women at any stage in their lives. WHO have stated that too many women “silently suffer from its life-disrupting consequences.”

IncoStress is a petite and discreet device, worn like a tampon, that can help control the inadvertent loss of urine suffered by many women.

IncoStress supports the urethra (the tube that allows loss of urine from the bladder) and supports the bladder neck helping restore it to its anatomically correct position. The ergonomic shape of IncoStress can allow the pelvic floor muscles to be gently exercised, which, over a period of time, could strengthen the muscles. Regular pelvic floor exercises are always recommended and these may be carried out with the IncoStress in place.

Made of medical grade silicone, IncoStress can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time and is environmentally friendly as it can replace six month’s worth of the incontinence pads that are worn by many women suffering with Urinary Stress Incontinence.

To read more about IncoStress and to purchase online visit our incostress page.

Disposable Aprons – save time and money plus prevent infection

14.02.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Incontinence Products, incontinence products, News | Author: Colin

New Disposable Aprons

Another great new product from Allanda! Our great value disposable aprons protect clothes from liquid spills and splashes and form part of an effective infection control strategy.
Made from 80 gauge/20 micron polythene, our single use premium disposable aprons are liquid resistant and prevent the transfer of fluids making them perfect for catering, cleaning, dentistry, first aid and medical procedures.

For ease of use each apron features a halter neck and waist ties so they slip on and off quickly and easily and are 107cm long (neck to knee length) by 70cm (approx.) wide.

Disposable Aprons are an important part of an effective infection control strategy as their use prevents bacterial contamination when changing environments as well as saving on laundry costs.

We have 4 options in our new Apron range at present:

Choice of Chair Pad Colours from Allanda

07.02.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Incontinence, Incontinence Products, incontinence products, News, Products | Author: Colin
Incontinence Chair Pads

Allanda Chair Pads

In our drive to offer even more choice to our thousands of customers, we’ve now introduced Tartan and Floral designs to our range of chair pads.

These washable, highly absorbent pads offer protection against incontinence and are suitable for use on chairs, wheelchairs, car seats and other products.


The absorbent chair pads have an impermeable lining that helps to stop urine or spilled drinks from penetrating through to upholstery. They have up to one litre capacities and a special quilted upper layer that helps to trap liquids quickly and effectively and are available in Blue, Burgundy, Floral and Tartan colours.

They are all suitable for machine washing.

Our full range of Chair Protector Sizes/Colours is:

Colour Imperial Metric
Blue 19″ x 23” 48cm x 58cm
Burgundy 18″ x 20” 45cm x 50cm
Tartan 19″ x 24” 48cm x 60cm
Floral 18″ x 20” 45cm x 50cm

Allanda add convenient disposal bags to our Incontinence product range

18.01.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Incontinence Products, incontinence products, News | Author: Colin
Incontinence Disposal Bags

Pop-Ins Disposal Bags

Following many customer requests we’ve now added the Pop-Ins range of disposal bags to our Incontinence product range. Pop-Ins™ are the ideal way to dispose of used incontinence pads or pants.

Convenient and hygienic, the bags are impregnated with a delicate floral fragrance that effectively masks any unpleasant odours and have a subtle lilac colouring to disguise the contents. Tie close handles ensure Pop-Ins™ are securely closed after use and the attractive dispensing pack, containing 50 bags, is suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom or when travelling.

• Convenient and hygienic disposal of incontinence pads and pants
• Delicate fragrance to mask any unpleasant odours
• Easy-tie handles to retain contents securely
• Discreet, compact and attractive, value for money pack
• Bag size – 16 x 17cm approx, excluding handles

Men with prostate problems ‘suffer in silence’

30.11.2011 | Posted in: Incontinence, incontinence products, Male Incontinence, News | Author: Colin
Incontinence Products for Men

Issue Codes Incontinence Products for Men

Men with prostate problems are often reluctant to discuss their symptoms, which may include difficulty emptying their bladder and male incontinence.

A new survey of 1,000 adults, commissioned by Forum Health and conducted in September 2011 by research firm One Poll, has revealed that 40 per cent of men regard prostate problems as part of the natural ageing process.

Half of respondents said they would rather put up with symptoms than visit their GP, while nearly 70 per cent would not see a doctor unless their symptoms were really bad.

This is despite the fact that prostate enlargement is a common condition, affecting around 60 per cent of men over the age of 60 and reducing their quality of life.

Men with questions about their prostate health who are reluctant to visit their GP may benefit from visiting an online clinic on prostate disease, which can be found at

The clinic is a collaboration between Prostate Action, the Bob Champion Cancer Trust, talkhealth and NHS Choices and is manned by clinical experts and specialists who can answer any prostate-related questions.

Survey reveals importance of personal hygiene to women

08.11.2011 | Posted in: Incontinence, incontinence products, News, Tena | Author: Colin
Tena Incontinence Products

Issue Codes Tena Incontinence Products

Women tend to place significant importance on personal hygiene, which means that many only use products they know they can trust and rely on.

According to a new report from SCA, which produces personal care products such as Tena, personal hygiene is one of the most important aspects of modern life.

Researchers surveyed 7,000 people from nine different countries in order to discover their views on hygiene.

Three out of ten women surveyed for the SCA 2011 Hygiene Matters report said they now devote more time to personal hygiene than they did ten years ago.

And one in ten respondents said that social acceptance was the most important reason for maintaining a good standard of personal hygiene.

When asked about the main barriers to maintaining their personal hygiene, more than 15 per cent of college-aged women cited a lack of time.

Forty-two per cent of women in this age group said they devote between 30 minutes and an hour to looking after their personal hygiene each day, while 15 per cent spend up to two hours a day getting ready.

One of the most common issues faced by females is bladder weakness, which affects half of women, according to Charlotte Gorringe-Serrano, marketing manager for Lights by Tena.

Ms Gorringe-Serrano said that half of women experience light bladder weakness and could benefit from trying the Tena brand, which is specifically designed for women with very light incontinence.

She observed: “We know women like to feel clean and fresh, and we know that not feeling that way can make a long day even longer.

“That’s why we designed Lights by Tena, to keep women feeling their best all day long.”

The SCA research also revealed that many women are worried about their risk of developing female incontinence, a condition that becomes more common with age.

Eighty-four per cent of respondents to the company’s poll said their biggest fear about looking after themselves as they got older was not being able to get to the toilet without assistance.

54-year-old who suffers from incontinence speaks out about his condition

28.09.2011 | Posted in: incontinence products, male incontinence, News | Author: Colin
Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

Issue Codes Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

A 54-year-old financier who suffers from chronic bedwetting has spoken out about his condition, with the aim of tackling the stigma that surrounds the problem.

Larry Phillips agreed to be interviewed by the Daily Mail after deciding to raise awareness of the condition and show other sufferers that they are not alone.

The happily married father-of-two has been affected by chronic bed-wetting or ‘nocturnal enuresis’ throughout his adult life, urinating during his sleep several times each week.

He told the news provider: “It’s a humiliating thing to happen, but I’ve had to learn to live with it.

“My wife is terribly understanding about it and always has been. Yet it has caused problems for me personally and professionally over the years. It put me off going to university and has shaped my choice of job.”

Bedwetting affects around one per cent of adults at some point, according to the Bladder and Bowel Foundation, but it remains something of a taboo subject.

Many people do not feel they can admit to family or friends that they rely on products such as Lil Fit Supreme Maxi incontinence pads or bed protection items such as a PVC Washable Mattress Cover.

The condition has a number of causes, such as an immature pituitary gland, a tendency to sleep very deeply or an overactive bladder, and it often runs in families.

Mr Phillips still does not know why he is affected by night-time urinary incontinence, but he has refused to let it control his life.

He told the Daily Mail: “There are a lot of people out there who tell no-one what they are going through.

“My attitude has been: ‘OK, so I can’t conquer this problem – I am a life-long bed-wetter – but I am going to compensate for this by being determined and achieving as much as I can. And that’s what I have done.”

Eastbourne event aims to answer bladder questions

14.09.2011 | Posted in: Female Incontinence, Incontinence, incontinence products, Male Incontinence, Products, Tena, Urge Incontinence, Urinary Incontinence | Author: Colin
Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

Issue Codes Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

Men and women with adult incontinence or other bladder or bowel problems are invited to attend an event at the Eastbourne Arndale Centre next week.

Medical experts will be on hand from 09:00 to 16:00 BST on September 20th to answer people’s questions about bladder and bowel issues.

The event, which forms part of National Continence Awareness Week, is due to take place near the centre’s Sainsbury’s store and could be useful for those relying on Tena Lady or other adult incontinence products.

Debbie Davis, a community continence nurse advisor with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, told the Eastbourne Herald: “Bladder and bowel problems are still a taboo subject that understandably people do not want to discuss.

“Many of us suffer from bladder or bowel related problems at one time or another in our lives.”

Ms Davis noted that urinary incontinence and other bladder and bowel problems can affect a person’s relationships and quality of life.

But she insisted: “It is never too late to get help and problems should not be ignored.”

Childhood bedwetting linked to future night-time incontinence

08.09.2011 | Posted in: incontinence products, News | Author: Colin
Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

Issue Codes Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

People who regularly wet the bed during childhood may be more likely to wake up during the night to visit the toilet or experience intermittent night-time urinary incontinence or ‘enuresis’, a study has found.

Researchers carried out an internet survey of more than 1,200 over-18s in Germany.

Participants completed 30 questions about their bladder habits, lower urinary tract symptoms, quality of life and family history of urinary problems.

Analysis revealed that 53.4 per cent of respondents were affected by nocturia – waking up during the night to urinate – while a further 18.1 per cent reported enuresis.

The remaining participants were not affected by night-time adult incontinence or nocturia and acted as a control group.

According to the researchers, who presented their findings at the International Continence Society annual meeting in Glasgow, people who wet the bed during childhood were more likely to have night-time incontinence or nocturia in adulthood than those who did not.

Many people with enuresis commonly reported restricting their fluid intake in the evenings to help manage their condition.

The study authors concluded that bedwetting in childhood appears to be a “strong indicator of persisting enuresis in adulthood”.

They added: “These results call for the prompt and targeted treatment of enuresis, which might not only reduce the rate of adults with this condition but also the number of people with nocturia.”

There are plenty of products available for those who need to manage night-time incontinence.

In addition to wearing incontinence pads or incontinence pants, some people achieve greater peace of mind by using bed protection products.

For instance, mattress covers – such as the Total Enclosure Waterproof Mattress Cover – can be used to cover the entire mattress and are ideal for those with heavy incontinence.

Alternatively, people can try disposable absorbent bed pads, such as Tena Bed Super pads, which come in a range of sizes and absorbency levels.