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Can Diabetes Cause Incontinence?

  • On March 19, 2018
The link between incontinence and Diabetes is one that is often overlooked. However, many studies and data over the years have shown Diabetes to a huge risk factor for incontinence. A study in 2005 for example, focussed on 1,017 postmenopausal women. 218 women in the study were diabetic. Interestingly, it was the women with Diabetes […]
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Weight loss may prevent incontinence in diabetes

  • On February 1, 2012
Overweight women with diabetes may be able to cut their risk of urine leakage if they shed some pounds, a new study suggests. Extra pounds, especially in the belly, are considered a risk factor for urinary incontinence. And some studies have found that when overweight women drop even a modest amount of weight, they can […]
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