Women speak out about the embarrassing issue of incontinence

  • On October 5, 2016
Women across the country have appeared in a documentary aiming to raise awareness for adult incontinence – which affects one in three women in the UK. 45 per cent of women admitted that a sensitive bladder affects their happiness and can leave them feeling embarrassed in a body they feel is older than their years. […]
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Tips for living with incontinence

  • On August 12, 2016
If you suffer with incontinence, there are a few self-help tips and lifestyle changes you can make that will help relieve the symptoms. Pelvic floor exercises Stop smoking Choose the right type of exercise Don’t lift heavy objects Lose weight Reduce constipation Cut back on caffeine Limit your alcohol Drink more water. Avoid spicy and […]
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More awareness on overactive bladder is needed

  • On December 7, 2015
Recent research indicates that the majority of people do not know what overactive bladder (OAB) is, let alone how is can be treated. In a recent survey carried out in in Munster, Ireland over half the people surveyed did not know what overactive bladder was and 81% avoid visiting their doctor for help with the […]
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Bladder Diary Templates Available

  • On July 5, 2014
World Continence week may be over, but we think that the focus of the week on Bladder Diaries is worth remembering. A Bladder Diary is an important document to help your health professional diagnose the type of incontinence you are experiencing and it’s severity. We’ve now added a Bladder Diary page to our website, with […]
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Pelvic Floor exercises effective at treating incontinence

  • On September 18, 2012
If you are suffering with urinary incontinence, you need to look at pelvic floor exercises and bladder training.  You may have read previous articles about these exercises but if you had not taken previous research findings seriously, a July 2012 review by the American based Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) should give you […]
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Two simple ways to tackle incontinence

  • On August 17, 2012
There is no reason why anyone should have to feel embarrassed about incontinence, but it continues to be a common chronic health condition that diminishes quality of life. Many women experience urinary incontinence for the first time during or after pregnancy. The physical changes of pregnancy, along with the stresses put on the pelvic floor, can cause […]
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Survey shows benefit of Pelvic Floor Exercises for Urinary Incontinence

  • On August 15, 2012
A July 2012 review by the American based Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) should give you more reason to start pelvic floor (otherwise known as kegel) exercises. According to the review, about 25% of young women and 44% to 57% of middle-aged and postmenopausal women experience involuntary urine loss. Their findings show that age, […]
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