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TENA Bed Basic- New Economy TENA Bed Pads launched

20.11.2013 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, News, Tena, TENA Bed | Author: Colin

Responding to customer demand, TENA have now launched TENA Bed Basic as a new economy addition to the TENA Bed Pad range. Available in Single or Double sizes, these products offer an economy alternative to the more absorbent TENA Bed Plus and TENA Bed Super.

Brolly Sheets Pink – New Washable Bed Pad added

11.11.2013 | Posted in: Bed Pad, Bed Protection, Brolly Sheets, News | Author: Colin

Following the amazing feedback on the Brolly Sheets range of bed protection we’ve added Pink to our range of Brolly Sheets Washable Bed Pads.

Single sizes are now available in White, Blue, Green, Red and Pink.

Double size available in White and Blue, also available in King size in White colour, suitable for King and Queen beds (simply tuck pad further into mattress for Queen beds).

TENA Bed – New Extra Large size, and with Wings!

08.11.2013 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, News, Products, Tena, TENA Bed | Author: Colin

TENA has just launched NEW TENA Bed Plus with Wings. This new product doesn’t just have a massive 80 cm x 90cm (32″ x 36″) absorbent pad, it also has wings that can be tucked into to aid location on the bed and to prevent movement. The tuck in flaps (wings) are 80 x 45cm (32″ x 18″) both sides and attached to the back of the pads and need to be folded out.  These make the total pad size 80 x 180cm (36″ x 72″).

This extra large pad size gives TENA Bed Plus with Wings a total ISO rated absorbency of 2300ml.

TENA Bed is now available from Allanda in 24″ x 16″, 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″ and 32″ x 36″ plus Wings sizes.

Kylie Incontinence Washable Bed Pads now in stock!

12.09.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, Kylie, Kylies, News | Author: Colin

Kylies are back! Kylie Bed pads are so popular that the term is often used a generic term for washable incontinence bed pads in the same way that the brand name “Sellotape” has become a generic term for adhesive tape. However Kylie is the brand name for one of the market leaders for washable incontinence products. Although these were briefly unavailable at the start of the year these items are now available again and Allanda are pleased to be able to offer these high performing products to our customers.

The Kylie bed pad consists of three key sections. Firstly a quilted polyester “stay dry” layer which draws liquid into the absorbent layer which prevents it seeping back out, then the absorbent fluff layer. Unlike disposable bed pads, Kylie washable bed pads don’t contain absorbent crystals as these would prevent the product being washable, instead they rely on a layer of fabric fluff to absorb (and they can be very absorbent holding 2 to 3 litres typically). Finally you have a plastic base layer which both prevents liquid seeping through to the bedding below and also to prevent the pad slipping on the bed so that it stays in the best place on the bed.

Kylie Bed washable bed pads are an essential item when managing night time incontinence as they provide protection against leaks from bodyworn products, thus protecting expensive bedding (e.g. sheet, and mattresses) and we always recommend their use. However, ideally they should also be used in conjunction with a mattress protector to give a “belt and braces” back up which can be helpful if the person sleeping moves significantly during the night.

Allanda offer both single and double bed Kylie incontinence bed pads at our website. It is generally recommended that these products are purchased in threes on the basis that at any time this gives one product on the bed, one in the wash, and one spare for when needed.

More Incontinence Bed Pad Discounts – from only 12p per pad

11.07.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, Discount, Discounts, Incontinence, Incontinence Pads, Incontinence Products, Lille, News | Author: Colin

We now offer CASE SAVER discounts on all our most popular incontinence Bed Pads. As well as  Lille Bed Extra 24”x16” (DBB09) and Super 24”x36” (DDB08) we also now offer Lille Bed Extra 24″x24″ (DBB05), the more absorbent Lille Bed Super 24″x24″(DBB17) and Lille Bed Extra 24″x36″ (DBB06) in CASE SAVERS, giving you the opportunity to save up to 29% on disposable bed pads.

More Case Savers – Big Discounts on Bed Pads

09.07.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, Discount, Discounts, Incontinence, Incontinence Pads, Lille, News | Author: Colin

Following on from the success of our new CASE SAVERS for TENA Pants Super Medium, we’ve now introduced similar great value savers for Disposable Bed Pads. Initially for Lille Bed 24”x16” (DBB09) and 24”x36” (DDB08). With prices from as low as 8p per pad for Lille Bed 24”x16” (DBB09) and 12p per pad for 24”x36” (DDB08), these Case Savers give up to a 30% discount from individual pack prices these offer a great opportunity to save money on everyday purchases.