What are the Benefits of Wearing Pull Up Incontinence Pants?

What are the Benefits of Wearing Pull Up Incontinence Pants?

  • On July 30, 2018

The negative feelings around incontinence often stem from the fear of being discovered and the fear of their protection resembling a large bulky product. The National Association for Continence reported that women wait 6.5 years and men 4.2 years after beginning to experience bladder control problems before seeing a healthcare professional.

The market for incontinence products is becoming much more diverse and user friendly. Pull up incontinence pants are one of the product styles that can rapidly change your perception of incontinence products. You can purchase pull up pants in both disposable and washable designs. A study in 2008 evaluating the key designs of products found pull up pants to be preferred over insert pads for daytime use. Users felt the process of application was familiar and safe, much like regular underwear.

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Who are Pull Up Incontinence Pants Ideal For?

These pants are slightly harder to put on and remove than pads and all in ones. They are therefore much more ideal for those who are fully mobile and independent. Pull up pants are also perfect for those who are worried about a product looking bulky and nappy-like. If you prefer the security of a garment with a built-in pad, pull ups are the option for you.



The Key Assets of Pull Up Pants


  • Snug, close and comfortable fit
  • Discreet appearance that looks like normal underwear
  • Built in absorbent pad, meaning you won’t have to buy both pants and a pad
  • Neutralising Odour Technology
  • A sense of flexibility and freedom
  • No rustling or noise during use
  • A soft, comfortable choice of material
  • The ease of buying an all-in-one product rather than shopping separately
  • An option for both washable and disposable pants
  • A comfortable, elasticated waist
  • Perfect for users with an active lifestyle



Tips on Choosing the Right Product For You

Choosing the right pull up pant for you depends on your skin, personal preferences of comfort and the severity of your incontinence. Considering the following factors can help ensure your product is perfect for you:


What Absorbency Level is Needed?

Remember that pull up pants come in absorption levels ranging from 200mls to 4000mls plus. iD Pants Active Normal for example, have an absorbency level of 800ml and are designed for light to moderate incontinence. Tena Pants Maxi, on the other hand, are designed for those with heavy incontinence, with an absorbency of 2900ml.


What Features are Important to You?

If you have sensitive skin, it is important to choose products that are latex free and have been tested to ensure they are ideal for delicate skin. Different brands of pull up pants often have different features and small additions. Some pants feature a super soft waistband, which provide a closer and more secure fit. Many buyers prefer this as the feature creates a sense of freedom and provides even more confidence. Some manufacturers choose to feature inner leg cuffs in their products, which some people find to feel more secure. Many products such as the Abena range also feature an elasticated crotch.



Size is Important

It is critical to get the right size, otherwise you can get leaks due to the extra gaps in the leg holes. You should ensure that your pants fit snugly enough to contain leaks efficiently. Our products come in a range of sizes from 50cm to 160cm. To find your accurate fit, you can measure your hips and waist, taking the larger of two. Having the accurate size can be life changing and put your mind at ease!



Top Tip: Use a Booster Pad for Extra Support

If you find your product is not effective enough and don’t want to purchase a new pull up, you can invest in a booster pad. Booster pads can help the product in two ways, either place the pad inside and use as normal for more absorbency. Alternatively, you can change the booster pad before it is completely used to save the pull up and make changing much easier.


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