A Guide to choosing Incontinence Wipes

A Guide to choosing Incontinence Wipes

  • On September 22, 2017

People often change their incontinence product without the use of a wipe for cleansing, which can cause sores and damage to the skin. Cleansing the skin is an incredibly important stage to removing any excessive urine. However, there are many things you need to consider when choosing the perfect wipe for you.


Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing incontinence wipes:


> Are wet wipes or dry wipes more convenient for you?

It is a good idea to try out both the wet wipes and the washcloths until you find out which product is suitable for you.


Incontinence Wet Wipes

The main attribute of wet wipes is their use as an alternative to soap and water cleansing methods, saving you time and energy. This means they are perfect for situations where a sink and soap are not readily available. Recent studies have been published highlighting the link between traditional soap and water based bed bathing and HCAIs, in particular, catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Research has found that the removal of washbowls and replacement with a pre-packaged solution demonstrated a significant reduction in CAUTI rates of 88%. Wet wipes are ready for use after buying, however, they may also be warmed to further increase user comfort.


These wipes feature a moisturising composition that deodorises skin as well as fighting bacteria to aid with infection control. A large selection of wet wipes are often available, including scented and unscented wipes. This aids with personal hygiene, offering front-line protection against potentially harmful bacteria. This design ensures optimum comfort whilst being actively tough on germs. Incontinence Wet Wipes are extremely versatile and are an effective personal hygiene aid where a sink and soap are not readily available. As they can be used without the need for water or soap, these wet wipes are also highly cost-effective.

Recommended Wet Wipes

Oasis Bed Bath Wipes

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  • Ideal for fragile patients
  • Soap and water alternative
  • Convenient for immobile people
  • For weak or fragile skin

Oasis Patient Flushmee Wipes

Buy Oasis Patient Flushmee Wipes

  • Cleanse, moisturise and deodorise
  • Macerator friendly
  • Improves skin moisturisation by 17%
  • PH Balanced

iD Care Wet Wipes

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  • Moisturised cloth
  • Nourishes sensitive skin
  • Can be used several times a day

Incontinence Dry Wipes

Disposable washcloths, also known as dry wipes, are often preferred by users for their lack of chemicals. This means they are often more suitable for use on sensitive skin. Although they are less convenient than pre-moistened wipes that can be used without water, dry wipes are still fairly simple to use. Disposable dry washcloths can easily provide user comfort by wetting with warm water. Dry Wipes have varying functions to cleanse, moisturise, soak up spills and liquids as well as offer anti-bacterial and barrier protection. Dry wipes are suitable for use on the face and body and are a very convenient option for a variety of daily wiping tasks, whilst providing comfort and hygiene. As dry wipes are often free from chemicals and perfume, they are more ideal for regular use.


The Conti brand range features dry wipes of different absorption and thickness, from thin lightweight material to thick and strong material.

Recommended Conti Dry Wipes

Conti So Soft Wipes

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  • Non-woven non Polypropylene/Viscose/Cotton mix
  • Suitable for delicate skin
  • Chemical and additive free


Conti Washcloth Dry Wipes

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  • Body wash made from airlaid tissue
  • Soft textile feel
  • Lathers well with washing solutions


Conti Standard Dry Wipes

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  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight material

>Is your skin sensitive to perfumes and scented products?

If you often have a rash or irritated skin as a result of using perfumed products, you should avoid using any product that is scented. This can cause a terrible rash and may even lead to painful sores if the skin is further agitated.


> Are you concerned about bacteria contamination?

If you are concerned about contamination it is a good idea to use the disposable wipes. These wipes are sealed to prevent bacteria from growing. They can be flushed or thrown away which can dramatically decrease the risk of contamination you may get if you use a washcloth. However, if you are cautious about the environment, non-disposable wipes may be ideal.