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More Delivery Options

27.05.2016 | Posted in: Allanda, Delivery, News | Author: Colin

Revised Delivery Charges

Recent large cost increases from our couriers mean that we have had to revise our delivery charge,  however we have worked hard to ensure that customers can continue to pay the same as before if needed, and also enjoy a wider range of delivery options to suit their circumstances.

We are very aware of the importance of keeping costs down for many customers so we have now introduced 3 different delivery options so that you can choose the service that best suits your needs.

Despite the recent increases we presently continue to offer our FREE Delivery service for orders over £75.00 (Exc. VAT) for Mainland UK orders. Prices for Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland remain unchanged.

Our new delivery options for Mainland UK are:

1. Economy Delivery – £4.95

These orders are sent by Royal Mail or Courier depending on weight and are sent on a 1-2 day service. 97% of orders are delivered next working day. There is no tracking available on this service.

2.      Standard Next Working Day, Tracked – £5.95 (FREE on orders over £75)

These orders are sent by Fedex on a next working day delivery.  These orders are tracked however there is no defined delivery time for these orders.

3.      Premium Next Working Day, Tracked with time slot notification – £6.45 (£1.99 on orders over £75)

These order are sent by DPD on a Premium next working day delivery, these orders are tracked and you will receive a text/email with details of the one hour time slot for delivery if you have given us your email address/mobile telephone number.

4.      Before Noon Delivery – £7.95

These orders are sent by Fedex on a next working day before 12pm delivery slot so are delivered the following morning. These orders are also tracked although at present no defined time slot is given for the exact time of delivery.

In addition, for orders despatched on a Friday (orders placed between 3pm on Thursday and 3pm on Friday), there will be a Saturday delivery option too.

You can read more details on the Delivery information page on our website –

Incontinence Deliveries

Incontinence Products Delivered to you door

The Allanda Product Comparison Chart is now available on our website!

25.05.2016 | Posted in: Advice, Allanda, Incontinence Products, News | Author: Colin

We have created a comprehensive product comparison chart for an easy overview of what incontinence products are available on the market. What a great way to discover new products!

If you are looking to try a new incontinence product or would like to view comparable products to those you are currently using then this chart provides you with useful information to be able to compare different options.  All the top incontinence products and brands are listed in an easy to view format.

Please click on the link to view and print our Product Comparison Chart.

What is your bladder trying to tell you about your health?

19.05.2016 | Posted in: Advice, Bladder Weakness, Incontinence | Author: Colin

A recent article published by netdoctor in collaboration with TENA Lady discusses how your bladder can reveal a surprising amount of information on the state of your body and wellbeing.

1. Pain on urination

Any pain with urine is a sign that something is wrong. Usually this is a sign of infection, which causes a burning sensation when passing urine. Always seek medical advice for prompt treatment.

2. Urinating too much

Passing too much urine is not just inconvenient, it can also be significant as a symptom. If you are passing a tiny amount of urine very often, up to every 30 minutes in some cases, this is usually a sign of a urine tract infection. Certain medications, such as those used for blood pressure, may cause frequent urination. The need to urinate often, along with a significant thirst, can sometimes be the first signs of diabetes. Overactive bladder syndrome causes a number of bladder issues such as the need to urinate often.

3. Urgency

That sudden and overwhelming feeling that you must find a toilet is called bladder urgency. It can be a temporary symptom when you have a urinary infection. However, for many women who experience some form of incontinence, the urge can be a more permanent side effect. Usually the cause is an overactive bladder.

4. Leaks

Unexpected leaks from bladder weakness are exceedingly common and estimated to affect between 3 and 6 million people in the UK. Leaks can occur when there is uncontrolled passing of urine, due to pressure on the abdomen, and this is known as stress incontinence.

5. Blood in urine

It is never normal to have blood in your urine so always consult a doctor. Often, blood in the urine is caused by an infection of the urinary system or bladder, like cystitis. Similarly, if you have kidney stones, you will experience pain and blood when you pass urine. Passing blood with no pain is an important symptom.  This can be a sign of bladder cancer and must always be urgently checked out with your doctor.

Read the complete article published by netdoctor, 16 May 2016

Making Buying Incontinence Products even easier

19.05.2016 | Posted in: Allanda, News | Author: Colin

We have recognised that many customers who qualify for VAT Exemption aren’t always claiming this saving and therefore we’ve changed our checkout so that you are offered VAT Exemption if you have purchased qualifying products (Please note that businesses and institutions still need to pay VAT).

We’ve also made the process easier to follow and have added a number of other benefits:

  • Easier to amend/add addresses for billing and delivery
  • Clearer identification of VAT Exempt qualifying and non-qualifying products at checkout
  • Simpler registration for VAT Exemption on your order (if applicable)

To see our new checkout simply login to our website –

Incontinence Products Checkout

New, Simpler, Checkout

Allanda Fitting Guides & Videos Now Online!

11.05.2016 | Posted in: Advice, Allanda, Videos | Author: Colin

We have now added fitting guides and videos for most products to our website. These have been designed to help customers who might be using a product for the first time and will ensure that each product is fitted properly and securely.

Product fitting is important to prevent leakage so if you’re not sure then visit our Fitting Guides & Videos pages. You can click on any fitting guide to enlarge it for easier and printing.

100% Cotton Top Sheet Nursing Pads – New from Allanda

06.05.2016 | Posted in: Cottons, Nursing Pads, Pregnancy | Author: Colin

Our recent launch of Cottons Maternity Pads has resulted in questions whether we also stock Nursing Pads. As Cottons also make Nursing Pads these have been added to our range and our now available.

Nursing pads, also known as Breast pads help to absorb breast milk or colostrum that may leak between and during feedings post childbirth. They are worn inside your bra to keep both the bra dry and milk away from your clothing. Most mothers don’t have problems with leaking after the early weeks, so you probably won’t need breast pads for long, but they’re very useful at first.

You can buy either disposable pads or cloth ones that you wash and use again.  It’s important to look for pads that allow air to circulate to your nipples. While it might seem that plastic-lined pads would protect your clothes better, they retain moisture, contributing to sore nipples and bacterial growth.

It’s also important to change nursing pads promptly after they get wet. If the pad dries and sticks to your nipple, moisten it first with warm water so that you don’t remove any skin as you pull it away from the breast.

Our Cottons Nursing Pads are disposable and have a unique 100% cotton top sheet so they’re both extremely comfortable and perfect for sensitive skin after childbirth. These Nursing Pads have been extensively tested by new mums, to ensure the best design and materials were used. They are hypo-allergenic so are perfect for sensitive skin and helping to minimise some of the soreness that can be associated with breast feeding. The superior grade 100% natural cotton used ensures they are exceptionally comfortable and low irritant.

You can find out more about Cottons nursing pads on our website – click here.