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Worried about Faecal Incontinence

30.03.2016 | Posted in: Advice, Allanda, Faecal Incontinence, Fecal Incontinence | Author: Colin

Faecal incontinence is a lot more common than you might think with about one in 12 people experiencing it. However, many cases can be treated, generally without surgery.

Faecal incontinence is when you are unable to hold a bowel movement until you can reach a toilet. Healthy bowel control relies on muscles and nerves in your rectum and anus that work together to hold in stool, to send you a signal that the rectum is full and that you need to have a bowel movement, and to relax when you’re ready to allow the stool to release. These healthy muscles are called sphincters, and they close tightly, like rubber bands, around the anus.

Although people can experience faecal incontinence at any age, the typical onset is between the fifth and seventh decade of life. Women, in particular, can sustain injuries to the sphincter muscle or nerves during child birth .

You can read more about faecal incontinence within our Incontinence Help & Advice Section.

Millions ‘suffer in silence’ with incontinence

24.03.2016 | Posted in: Advice, News | Author: Colin

Millions of people in England experience problems with continence but many are not getting the support they need, health officials are warning.

In guidance published by NHS England, experts have suggested people “suffer in silence” because they are too embarrassed to talk about the issue.

It has called for better training for all staff.

Patients also need to be told more about what treatments and support are available, it said.

More than 14 million adults in the UK have problems controlling their bladder and 6.5 million have bowel issues, while around 900,000 children and young people have difficulties.

But past research has shown the quality of continence care varies across the country and is poorer for the elderly overall.

Lifestyle changes

NHS England said many continence problems can be cured or managed better.

Lifestyle changes or exercises can help, while medication and surgery are options for some patients.

Its wide-ranging guidance called for continence care to be joined-up across health, care and education services so people do not have to repeat their stories at each setting.

In terms of training, the report said physios, nurses, doctors and care assistants could all benefit.

Sara Elliott, of NHS England, said: “Millions of people are affected by continence problems, but it is an issue that they are still too embarrassed to talk about.

“This means that too many people are suffering in silence and not receiving the care and support they need.”

She added she hoped the new guidance would reassure people they can and should ask for help.

Stylish, discreet and fashionable Woxers now available!

18.03.2016 | Posted in: Brolly Sheets, Products, Washable Incontinence | Author: Colin

We are delighted to announce that we have added the Brolly Sheets Woxers to our range of products. Woxers are stylish, discreet and fashionable!

Woxers are men’s washable boxer style incontinence pants with a removable washable pad and are for light to moderate urinary incontinence/bladder weakness (drops or small losses).

Woxers are a fantastic new men’s washable boxer style incontinence pant made from 100% cotton. They are just like normal underwear with the additional security of a removable washable pad to give comfort, confidence and discretion. In these incontinence pants the pad extends across front and back of brief for full coverage and security. Woxers have a waterproof inner and are great for day or night wear. An extra pad can be added for more absorbency.

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

Optional 3-packs of the removable washable pads are also available. Please follow the links to find out more.

Incontinence Fitting Guides and Videos

11.03.2016 | Posted in: Advice | Author: Colin

We now have a full range of fitting guides and videos available on our website for all our ranges.

When choosing incontinence products it is very important that, for the best comfort and protection, people choose the right product for them. Whether you have been using a certain product for some time or you are looking to choose your first incontinence product, please browse the new fitting guides recently added to our website. You can also watch the product information videos listed to help you further.

Click here to view all our fitting guides and videos.

iD Expert Form – new Extra Plus absorbency now available!

04.03.2016 | Posted in: iD, Products | Author: Colin

We have introduced the Extra Plus absorbency to our range of iD Expert Form body contoured incontinence pads, which are ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence. With an approximate absorbency of 750ml, the Extra Plus sits between the existing Plus and Super absorbencies.

Our iD Expert Form available range is now Plus, Extra Plus, Super and Maxi absorbencies.