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Incontinence – Foods that may irritate the urinary tract

30.08.2013 | Posted in: Advice, Incontinence, News | Author: Colin

Although the main treatments for incontinence are pelvic floor exercises (to treat Stress Incontinence) or medication to treat Urge Incontinence, it is also worth considering your diet as well to see if this might also be a factor (although it is unlikely to be the main cause, more an extra irritatant).

Acidic foods can have an effect, Below is a list of some acidic foods that may act as to the Urinary Tract. The best way to see if these are having an effect is to remove these foods from your diet for a period of about ten days to see if your condition improves. You can identify which foods effect you specifically by gradually adding them back to your diet, one by one.

Acidic foods that may cause additional irritation to the urinary tract include: All alcoholic beverages, Apples and apple juice, Cantaloupes, Chilies or other spicy foods, Citrus, Coffee (including decaffeinated), Chocolate, Cranberries, Grapes, Guava, Peaches, Pineapple, Plums, Strawberries, Tea, Tomatoes, Vinegar

On the other low acidic foods that you can enjoy include apricots, papaya, pears and watermelon. You can also substitute non citrus herbal teas for your tea.

Taboo Tuesday: Incontinence

16.08.2013 | Posted in: Incontinence, News, Uncategorized | Author: Colin

At Allanda, we’re always pleased to see or hear media coverage about incontinence as it’s only by talking about the subject that people will become aware of how common the condition is, and learn how many people are affected by continence issues in their everyday lives. More importantly, such articles and coverage help people understand their condition better and learn what steps they can take to manage incontinence and get on with their everyday lives with renewed confidence.

Coverage of continence issues is far more common in Australia and recently Radio 612 ABC Queensland ran an in-depth feature on the condition which affects about 37% of Australian women and 13% of men. The programme featured Dr Philip Hall, a Gynaecologist, and pelvic floor surgeon at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital Pelvic Medicine Centre and Karen Matthews, a Continence Nurse Advisor with Blue Care Australia.

The programme can be heard here –

More information on Incontinence and how to manage your condition can also be found in our Help and Advice section.