Azomax Hard Surface Disinfectant ActiveSpray - 500ml - 1 Pack

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2 in 1 Disinfectant spray


Contains revolutionary patent pending proprietary

Advanced Active TechnologyTM formulation

Rapid contact times from 5 mins

NHS approved

24-hour resid

AZOMAX™ spray is a powerful one-step disinfectant range combining effective detergent with active disinfectant into easy to use wipes. With AZOMAX, you can save time and still gain outstanding results. AZOMAX™ provides a rapid and effective level of cleaning and disinfection, with a 24 hour residual activity.

The spray is also noncorrosive and non-flammable to deliver maximum health and safety standards. The product is effective against a wide range of micro-organisms.

AZOMAX™ spray is 99.99999% effective against pathogens validated, providing you with a reliable solution.

Approved by European standard EN 16615, the spray has been tested to ensure the formulation is skin friendly. The product is safe for use on hands, surfaces and other equipment.

Brand Azo
EAN 5019829032500
Units per Pack 1
VAT Exempt No
Type hygiene
Product Classification surface spray
Total units 1
Volume 500
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