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Great savings on our entire Confitex underwear range!

18.01.2017 | Posted in: Bladder Weakness, Discounts, Wasahble Incontinence | Author: Colin

Confitex design, manufacture and market attractive and fashionable ranges of absorbent underwear that people feel good in, that fit naturally and work effectively. And now you can save 30% for a limited time only! Click here to find the right product and size for you.

Confitex underwear is natural looking, high performing and has a strong emphasis on aesthetics. There is a range of options that, just like real underwear, let you under-dress up or under-dress down depending on what you have planned.

Confitex are designed, padless, absorbent underwear that look good on your body and in your underwear drawer. The underwear is made from the highest quality fabrics, including bamboo, which lasts three times longer and feels better than cotton.

Confitex utilises a patented 3-layer technology consisting of a new hi-tech sports fabric that wicks away moisture using the body’s own heat keeping you dry and odour free. The high performance fabric is machine washable and dryer friendly. With Confitex underwear there is no need for pads or other incontinence products.

CASE SAVERS available on Gloves for big savings

13.11.2014 | Posted in: Allanda, Discounts, Gloves, News | Author: Colin

Following customer requests we’ve introduced CASE SAVERS on Gloves, to enable customers to buy in bulk to save even more. Glove Case Savers are initially available on our Powder Free Vinyl Gloves (all sizes) but soon all gloves will be included.

More Incontinence Bed Pad Discounts – from only 12p per pad

11.07.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, Discount, Discounts, Incontinence, Incontinence Pads, Incontinence Products, Lille, News | Author: Colin

We now offer CASE SAVER discounts on all our most popular incontinence Bed Pads. As well as  Lille Bed Extra 24”x16” (DBB09) and Super 24”x36” (DDB08) we also now offer Lille Bed Extra 24″x24″ (DBB05), the more absorbent Lille Bed Super 24″x24″(DBB17) and Lille Bed Extra 24″x36″ (DBB06) in CASE SAVERS, giving you the opportunity to save up to 29% on disposable bed pads.

More Case Savers – Big Discounts on Bed Pads

09.07.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Bed Pad, Bed Protection, Discount, Discounts, Incontinence, Incontinence Pads, Lille, News | Author: Colin

Following on from the success of our new CASE SAVERS for TENA Pants Super Medium, we’ve now introduced similar great value savers for Disposable Bed Pads. Initially for Lille Bed 24”x16” (DBB09) and 24”x36” (DDB08). With prices from as low as 8p per pad for Lille Bed 24”x16” (DBB09) and 12p per pad for 24”x36” (DDB08), these Case Savers give up to a 30% discount from individual pack prices these offer a great opportunity to save money on everyday purchases.

TENA Slip Pads from only 30p

25.06.2012 | Posted in: Allanda, Discounts, News, Tena, TENA Slip | Author: Colin
TENA Slip Extra Small Incontinence Pads

TENA Slip Plus Extra Small

We’ve now added bulk discounts for the TENA Slip Plus Extra Small to go alongside the existing bulk discounts on the majority of the TENA Slip range.

With prices from only £0.30 per pad this represents savings of up to 34% over recommended prices.

In addition bulk discounts have also been added for TENA Slip Super Medium and Large giving discounts of up to 29% over recommended prices on these items.

Bulk discounts can now be found for TENA Slip Maxi Small, Medium, Large, TENA Slip Super Small, Medium, Large and TENA Slip Plus Extra Small and Large.